Tom Clancy - NetForce Hidden Agenda

It is 2010 and the Internet has become the world's central nervous system. If terrorists are going to subvert the new world order, this is where they will strike. A new organisation is therefore needed to deter them - NetForce, a team of highly trained operatives whose home ground is the Virtual Reality world of the Net, with the Net Force Strike Teams at the ready to take the battle into the real world with their own devastating firepower.

And now NetForce face their toughest challenge yet. It begins when Louisiana's state capitol building is destroyed using a top-secret chemical weapons formula swiped from the Net - and soon the world's banking system is reeling from a series of assaults. If NetForce doesn't piece the deadly puzzle together in time, someone is going to get away with murder....and the most daring robbery in history.

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Harga : RM 10.00


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