Lauri Maerov - Copycat (Motion Picture)

A serial killer was on the loose in San Francisco. But not your ordinary savage sicko. This one was special. He called his assassinations art and paid homage to the great masters of mass murder by mirroring their methods.

The Boston Strangler, Son of Sam, and Ted Bundy were just a few of his role models as he turned a computer into a deadly weapon that left no one safe and the law far behind.

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Harga : RM 6.00

Jeff Rovin - Cliffhanger (Motion Picture)

Gabe Walker was once the leader of a Rocky Mountain rescue team. But he lost his nerve after an amateur climber slipped from his grasp and plunged to her death. Eight months later, Gabe has returned to the mountains he once loved to say a final goodbye.

Despite his reluctance, Gabe is recruited to join his former partner, Hal Tucker, in an emergency rescue high in the mountains during a raging blizzard. But the stranded "hikers" turn out to be a ruthless gang of international thieves desperate to retrieve three cases containing $100 million, lost when a Treasury jet crashed during their attempted hijacking.

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Mary Higgins Clark - The Anastasia Syndrome and Other Stories

In the short novel The Anastasia Syndrome, prominent historical writer Judith Chase is living in London and preparing for her marriage to Sir Stephen Hallet, expected to become England's next Prime Minister. Orphaned during World War II, Judith wants to trace her origins. In the quest, she goes to a renowned psychiatrist and becomes the victim of his experiments in regression.
When a woman in a dark green cape sets off bombs in London, Sir Stephen and Judith are faced with an intangible, mysterious force threatening their very existence.

Obsessive love is the subject of Terror Stalks the Class Reunion; psychic contact with a dead twin sister is the only defence against a murder in Double Vision; Lucky Day, compared to O.Henry's The Gift of the Magi; begins with a premonition of imminent danger; in The Lost Angel, a desperate mother follows her intuition in a harrowing search for her missing child.

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Joe Weber - Primary Target

As the once powerful former Soviet Union descends into social and economic collapse, a group of hard-line Communists has devised a strategy to return their country to its former glory. In league with the most ruthless militant extremists of the Middle East, they will hatch a plot to eliminate the one person with the power to stop them - the president of the United States.

Tom Clancy called him "one of America's new thriller stars" - and former marine pilot Joe Weber has maintained his reputation for superb stories of conflict, courage and high speed adventure.

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Harga : RM 6.00