Lisa See - Flower Net

The first body was found in ice: the U.S. ambassador's son, entombed in a frozen lake outside Beijing's Forbidden City. Thousands of miles away, in the heat-baked hold of a Chinese smuggling ship, another corpse is uncovered, this one a Red Prince, a scion of China's political elite. Suspecting the deaths are linked, the American and Chinese governments pair ambitious attorney David Stark and brilliant detective Liu Hulan to uncover a killer and a conspiracy.

From the teeming streets of Beijing to Los Angeles and back, David and Hulan are caught in a perilous net of politics, organized crime, family loyalties, and their own passion. As, one by one, those close to the investigation are killed, David and Hulan face a firestorm of evil, while the killer they seek is as close as the secrets they keep from each other.

"High voltage sexual sparks...Murder and intrigue splash across the canvas of modern Chinese life....A vivid potrait of a vast Communist nation in the painful throes of a sea change"


"This debut thriller is a standout...Complex and exciting...Cleverly confounds readers' expectations"

PUBLISHER WEEKLY, starred review

Bil Mukasurat : 465

Harga : RM 7.00


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