Tom Clancy - Executive Orders

At the dramatic climax of his last bestseller, Debt of Honour, a runaway Jumbo Jet crashes into the Capitol Building in Washington, leaving the President dead, along with most of the Cabinet and Congress. Dazed and confused, the man who only minutes before has been confirmed as the new caretaker Vice-President is told that he is now President of the United States.

President John Patrick Ryan

And that is where Executive Orders begins - as Ryan's new responsibilities crush in upon him with stunning force. But how do you run a government without a government?. Where do you even begin? He knows that the eyes of the world are on him now - and many of them are unfriendly. In Beijing, in Tehran and even in Washington, there are those eager to take advantage. Soon they will begin to make their moves; soon they will present Jack Ryan with a crisis so great even he could not imagine it.
"Clancy keeps you riveted with political intrigue and military manoeuvring"
"A master storyteller"
Bil Mukasurat : 874
Harga : RM 10.00


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