Tom Clancy - The Bear and The Dragon

Being President isn't getting any easier. Not only is there trouble at home, but the Asian economy is collapsing, and now, in an already unstable Russia, someone may have tried to assassinate the chairman of the SVR (formerly the KGB) with a rocket-propelled grenade. Even more disturbing are the possible motives of the assassins - are they political, criminal or personal ? Or, Ryan wonders, is something far more dangerous going on?

With the Russians investigate, and some of Ryan's most trusted people headed for Moscow, forces in China are moving ahead with a plan of truly audacious scope. Tired of the arrogance of the West and eager to fulfil their destiny, they are taking matters into their own hands. If they succeed, the world will never be the same. If they fail.....the consequences may be unthinkable.

Bil Muka Surat : 1,137

Harga : RM 12.00


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